The Shoal
The “Shoal” program of the Just like ORKA Foundation creates the possibility of establishing intergenerational relations, therefore decreasing ageism and loneliness.
 In our activities, we often encounter loneliness, isolation and the inability to talk to another person. Being part of our Shoal does not bind with any costs or responsibilities – apart from being open and positive. By clicking on individual people, you will find their description and the possibility of contact.
The program’s goal is to fight loneliness, isolation and promote the value of intergenerational relations. There is evidence that interacting with other people decreases the risk of developing dementia! We strongly encourage you to contact us and start your intergenerational, inspiring friendship!
To become part of the Shoal, write an e-mail to fundacjatakjakorka@gmail.com, subject Shoal. Put there information you want other members of the Shoal to know about you.
Are you passionate about 19th-century literature, and would you like to talk about it? Wonderful-  We are waiting for you! You want to talk about cooking, gene expression, new technologies, or just about life? Brilliant – we can’t wait.
Everyone is valuable regardless of age and current life situation. Join us now!


These are some of the fascinating people living Just like ORCA! Join and see how many beautiful things we can create together and how many things to talk about! Don't hesitate! Let's connect today.


Członkini "Ławicy"


Członek "Ławicy"


Członek "Ławicy


Członkini "Ławicy"


Członkini programu "Ławica"


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