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Every human being, no matter the age, deserves a good and decent life. Let’s make the most of it starting now, whatever is your current life situation. We have this one chance.

When you are just like ORCA

You appreciate the company of others no matter their age;
you are free from stereotypes;
you are curious about tomorrow;
you have calm and joy within you;
but above all;
you take care of your brain.



It’s so nice to have you here!
At the beginning of the 14th-century saint Bernard of Siena said, “Everybody wants to live to a late age, but nobody wants to be old.”
Our society sees old age as full of grumpiness, sickness and longing to be young again.
This image is a result of two factors: dementia, which makes us think that all older adults are forgetful and disoriented, and ageism, because of which we started to adore the youth, disregarding old age.
Join me in the movement showing you how to protect your brain from dementia and make the most of your life, no matter the age, till the end.

ORCAs Manifesto

A guide in the form of the poster containing the values and mantras of a true ORCA. Perfect motivation to make the most of your life, staying healthy and feeling the satisfaction of every day.

Meet another person living Just like ORCA!

We are so glad that you are with us! Would you like to meet another person who shares similar values? Tell us something about yourself, and we will connect you to a person from another age group so that you could get to know each other. You will also join a community of amazing people of all sorts.
Yes, please!

Our shoal

These are some of the fascinating people living Just like ORCA! Join and see how many beautiful things we can create together and how many things to talk about! Don't hesitate! Let's connect today.


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Let's connect today!

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