About the founder

Dominika Wilczok is fulfilling year 1 in the IB Diploma Programme. Her work concerning Alzheimer’s disease and ageism gained worldwide recognition from most renowned specialists. Founder and leader of Just like ORCA Foundation aiming to help people make the most of their lives, no matter the age, by taking care of their brains since the earliest years. Knowledge of the diplomatic protocol and inherent respect for human dignity allow her to raise such difficult and personal topics with people of all ages.

She is a laureate of the “I am a leader” programme organized by vital voices chapter Poland.

A young ambassador of Górnośląsko-Zagłębiowska Metropolis 

 Member of Metropolitan council for senior policy.

Volunteer at the Silesian Centre of Freedom and Solidarity.

The HR member of the Student Forum of Business Centre Club 

Project member and event moderator of the “Venturous woman” programme. 

Her dreams embellish the weekday and put a smile on her face.  She dreams of feeling joy and satisfaction with her beautiful and fascinating life at the age of 100.

I cordially invite everyone for contact and collaboration.

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Youtube: Wartości fundacji Tak jak ORKA w Konstytucji RP: wypowiedź założycielki