About the founder

Dominika Wilczok is pursuing a dual B.Sc. degree at Duke Kunshan University in China and Duke University in the USA, focusing on Behavioral Science with a track in Neuroscience. Her activism concering Alzheimer’s disease and ageism has earned recognition from some of the world’s most renowned specialists. After four years of in-depth exploration in these fields, along with substantial experience and a realistic understanding of the situation, she has developed a passion for promoting healthy longevity.

By addressing age-related diseases at their root cause – the pathological changes that accumulate in the body over time, often linked with “unhealthy” lifestyles – Dominika is actively working to shift the aging paradigm. Her goal is to inspire and lead people in implementing choices that lead to an elongated healthspan and lifespan. She is the founder and leader of the Just like ORCA Foundation, aiming to help people make the most of their lives, no matter the age, by taking care of their brains since the earliest years. Her diplomatic acumen and inherent respect for human dignity enable her to engage people of all ages in discussions about these challenging and personal topics.

Currently she holds Research Assistant and Resident Assistant positions at Duke Kunshan Univeristy. Dominika is a mentee and mentor in programs organized by Vital Voices Chapter Poland. She served as a young ambassador of the Górnośląsko-Zagłębiowska Metropolis and was a member of the Metropolitan Council for Senior Policy. Her commitment extends to volunteering at the Silesian Centre of Freedom and Solidarity. She was engaged in leadership positions in Student Forum of the Business Centre Club. Host of the TEDx conference, laureate of the the Global Student Speaker Search.

Her aspirations infuse every day with a sense of purpose and bring a smile to her face. Dominika envisions a life full of satisfaction, health and endless curiosity even beyond the age of 100. She extends a warm invitation to all for potential collaborations and communication.

Media coverage and interviews about her achievements can be found at the following links:

You can also find her on YouTube discussing the values of the ORCA Foundation and its alignment with the Constitution of the Republic of Poland.