In the O.R.K.Ageism project, we pay attention to the inevitability of time passing. However, it is not the time since our birth that matters, but the time in which we are now, what we think about ourselves now, what our plans are and what possibilities we have. All this to enjoy life, regardless of its current situation.

No matter how old you are, you have this one life, and it is only up to you how you use your time on Earth. Only you can decide whether your face will smile or grimace more often. Will you be stuck in the past, regardless of the cards received from fate, or will you boldly continue to go through your life as well you can, with hope for a good tomorrow. Your age does not limit your potential – use it so that you go to bed satisfied with your day.

For the Like ORKA foundation, every life is valuable, and we do not agree to any form of discrimination, especially ageism. 

Project O.R.C.A Observe. React. Confront. Ageism fights with ageism, making people aware of its presence and showing why it is worth taking action on this topic. See interviews with experts in the field and those directly affected by ageism. Follow the news to find out where ageism is in your daily life and how to eliminate it. 

Educating yourself on that is making the world a little better for everyone. Join the “Shoal”; we are already waiting for you.